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Living Mantra- Mantra, Deity and Visionary Experience Today.

Contemporary Anthropology of Religion Series, Palgrave Macmillan, 2019. Available as hardcover and e-book. Buy worldwide here.

Living Mantra is an anthropology of mantra-experience among Hindu-tantric practitioners. In ancient Indian doctrine and legends, mantras perceived by rishis (seers) invoke deities and have transformative powers. Adopting a methodology that combines scholarship and practice, Mani Rao discovers a continuing tradition of visionaries (rishis/seers) and revelations in south India’s Andhra-Telangana. Both deeply researched and replete with fascinating narratives, the book  reformulates the poetics of mantra-practice as it probes practical questions. Can one know if a vision is real or imagined? Is vision visual? Are deity-visions mediated by culture? If mantras are effective, what is the role of devotion? Are mantras language? Living Mantra interrogates not only theoretical questions, but also those a practitioner would ask: how does one choose a deity, for example, or what might bind one to a guru? Rao breaks fresh ground in redirecting attention to the moments that precede systematization and canon-formation, showing how authoritative sources are formed. More details here.


Bhagavad Gita – A new release including Ishavasya Upanishad. Just out from Fingerprint press, India. Available online at Flipkart, Crossword and in many stores. This is an Indian subcontinent edition only. (For the USA and Canada edition, please order directly from independent publisher Autumn Hill Books, see books page for links).

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New & Selected Poems –Available worldwide online direct from the publisher, Poetrywala: click here. Also available in select stores in India– Mumbai: Kitabkhana. Bangalore: Atta Galatta. Hyderabad: Bookpoint.
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Kalidasa for the 21st Century Reader shortlisted for the Lucien Stryk Prize in translation. Winner will be announced on October 28th, 2015. Read more from the ALTA website here. Excerpt from the introduction to this book out in 19 Sep 2015, read here. INTERVIEWS: Pune MirrorKitaab. Podcast interview with Shoba Narayan on why Kalidasa matters and is so much fun, watch here. See books page for excerpts.

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Echolocation. A new edition of this book released by Math Paper Press, Singapore, in 2014. Buy online here. (For the original silver-bound gift edition of 2003, see the books page).
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For more poems from previous books, see ‘books’ tab, or publications list in the ‘bio’ tab, The “New and Selected Poems” book released in India by Poetrywalahas a selection from across my books, see this link


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