writing samples


  • Poems from Ghostmasters, read in Almost Island here.
  • Poem-essay on Lorine Niedecker’s work/ life via select fragments from her poems, in Dukool,  here.
  • Various poems in Softblow here and here
  • Various poems in Sangam House here
  • “New and Selected Poems” book released in India by Poetrywala has a selection from across my books, see here.


  • “The Experience of Srividya at Devipuram” in Religions (2019) 10(1), 14. Open Access: https://doi.org/10.3390/rel10010014
  • “A Brief History of the Bhagavad Gita’s Canonization” in Religion Compass. (Email Mani for a pdf if you do not have access to Wiley).
  • “Writing to Stop.” Read in 91st Meridien.
  • “Automatic Writing – Real, Surreal, Hyper-real” in Fulcrum 7. Download pdf here.
  • “Repetitiveness in Gita translations.” eXchanges, Journal of Literary Translation, winter 2009. Download here.
  • “Stretch.”  XCP. Download pdf here.
  • “Halloween” in Dimsum. Download pdf here.
  • “Decoding Augustine via Saussure.” In-Between Journal of Literary Criticism. Download pdf here.
  • “Caterpillar to Butterfly: Thoreau’s dietary journey.” Thoreau Society Bulletin. Read here.


  • Review of Arvind K. Mehrotra’s Songs of KabirTranslation Review (Vol 83, Issue 1, 2012). Download pdf here.
  • Review of Mohammad A Quayum’s Rabindranath Tagore: Selected Short Stories. Cha (Mar 2012, Issue 16.) Read here.
  • “Sisterhood of Royal Intrigue.” Review of Kaunteya by Madhavi Mahadevan. New Indian Express, 18th February 2017. Read here.
  • “Sita Recycled and Retold.” Review of Sita, Warrior of Mithila (Book 2, Ram Chandra Series) by Amish Tripathi. New Indian Express, 1st July 2017. Read here.
  • Review of Available Light, C.P.Surendran. First published in Kitaab, and reprinted in Scroll (November 7th, 2017). Read here.
  • “A Sense of Wholeness.” Review of There’s a Carnival Today, Manjushree Thapa’s translation of Indra Bahadur Rai’s Nepalese novel Aaja Ramita Chha. New Indian Express, 23rd Dec 2017. Read here.